MHS Boys Bowling Team Win States

Chanelle Camero

The MHS Boys Bowling team traveled to Kauai to compete in the state tournament from Oct. 25 to Oct. 27. After they came close to winning last year’s state championship, this year their perseverance paid off.

“It’s been twelve years since we won the last state champs. It’s amazing that we won first place in Hawaii,” said Junior Akira Sanco.

Utilizing their connection with each other, the team proved just how essential teamwork is. “We practiced every Sunday, Monday. But our team has good chemistry together—we work really good with each other. I think that kind of helped us to keep each other up when everybody was doing bad,” said team captain Senior Dylan Tetsutani.

The state tournament took place at Kauai Lanes. “There were the three teams from the OIA, Iolani and Kamehameha Kapalama from the ILH (Interscholastic League of Honolulu), Kauai High from the KIF (Kauai Interscholastic Federation), Konawaena from the BIIF (Big Island Interscholastic Federation) and Kamehameha Maui from the MIL (Maui Interscholastic League),” said coach Corey Zukeran.

The team was encouraged to persevere after a rough start to the tournament. “After the first day (six games), we were leading Castle by 50, Iolani by a little over 100 and Kapolei by about 150. In a sport where 100 pin swings are not uncommon, it was going to be a battle. We bowled okay, but not great for the first two games,” said Zukeran.

Throughout the tournament, the team faced some challenges regarding their competition. “This team, Kapolei, they have two players that are really good that placed third. Top 15. And they are really good and we had to be as one team and play against them really hard was the most challenged [sic] part,” said Sanco.

Even though the team pulled a win, it was still a close game. “So it was the last game we had—we were first place but we were only five pins apart with the second place,” said Sanco.

However, as the game neared the end, the team was able to pull through. “We realized in the 9th frame of the last game that we were out to enough of a lead that the other teams wouldn’t be able to catch us,” said Zukeran. “We had a nine-game total of 8020, Kapolei was second with 7970, and Castle was third with 1883.”

Once the results were announced the team’s excitement was evident. “At first I didn’t know how to express my emotions. I didn’t know if I wanted to scream or yell or hug everybody. It was just so like relief [sic] that we won. All our hard work that we put into the season actually paid off in the end,” said Tetsutani.

The Mililani High School Bowling Team will continue to work hard next season as they protect their title as state champs.