Sidney Liu: Accessorizing and Enterprising


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     Junior Sidney Liu embarked on an entrepreneurial venture in August 2017, utilizing her skills in jewelry design to create her own business: Splendor Jewelry. Liu began to make jewelry a year ago, after being introduced to the craft by her mother. She made personal items for a while before deciding she was ready to start selling her creations.

    “I wanted to make my own jewelry because I kept on buying really expensive jewelry. Then I realized I could make it myself and it would be how I wanted it to be and stuff, so I just made it myself,” said Liu.

    Liu specializes in necklaces and chokers, but she also creates other forms of jewelry. All of her materials are made with 13 karat gold fill or sterling silver to ensure a high quality product. “Right now I’m only making chokers, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings. Hopefully I’ll get to rings soon, ‘cause I love wearing rings,” said Liu.

    Splendor Jewelry’s style is characterized by a simple aesthetic. The pieces often include small stones and charms with gold or silver chaining. “I think my jewelry embodies really dainty jewelry. I don’t like anything too heavy or bulky ‘cause I like it to be like you can’t feel that the jewelry is on, but you can see it and it looks nice,” said Liu.

    Popular brands serve as inspiration for Splendor Jewelry. “Most of my inspiration is from what’s trendy now, what type of jewelry is trendy now,” said Liu. “The Forever 21 jewelry is so bad quality. It turns green in like 2 days, so I just make it my own.”

    Liu experiences every step required to create jewelry from start-to-finish, as a lot of work goes into creating a piece that is both stylish and durable. “I like designing it a lot, but the end product, where I finally see everything coming together is really satisfying,” said Liu.

    Sidney Liu’s older sister Justine Liu is a student at UH Manoa and has witnessed her sister’s growth in her jewelry designs. “Sidney is very creative and is able to come up with all original designs. I really admire this about her because she constantly strives to create unique and pretty pieces. She is always keeping up with trends. I also admire her determination. When she puts her mind to something she gets it done. This is a great aspect for her business because she is constantly coming up with new designs,” said Justine Liu.

    Junior Rebecca Vides often purchases items from Splendor Jewelry, which was brought to her attention through Sidney Liu’s social media posts. “I bought from her a few times, and I keep on buying them because I love them so much,” said Vides. “I’m always going out to the beach with friends, and I love the fact that I know the necklaces aren’t going to get rusty if I go into the water with them.”

    Sidney Liu hopes to continue and grow her business throughout high school. With the launching of her new website, Sidney Liu is opening up her brand to more mediums for business promotion. “I definitely plan on growing my business. I want to go to a lot more craft fairs in the future, and get my jewelry more out there, like more social media and stuff like that,” said Sidney Liu. “I hope to continue the business, but I don’t know if I want to do it as an actual job, I just want to do it as a hobby.”

    As of late, Splendor Jewelry has had relatively consistent business, with some regular customers. “I guess it’s a good pace for me right now, because I’m just starting off so I don’t want to have a lot of stuff to do, but it’s a good flow,” said Sidney Liu.

    Sidney Liu has been mostly self-reliant in the creation and expansion of her brand. “Sidney does pretty much everything on her own but I like to keep her company at craft fairs,” said Justine Liu. “I really enjoy seeing customers really excited when they purchase one of Sidney’s pieces.”

    Items are priced anywhere from $20 to $45, depending on the style and material. Sidney Liu also creates custom jewelry for customers. “I feel like it’s a very good price, many people think it’s kinda expensive, but I understand that since she made it specifically to that person, and it’s handmade, the price makes sense because she is trying to grow a business,” said Vides.

     Sidney Liu will continue promotion through Splendor Jewelry’s instagram page, @splendorjewelry, and recently created an online store to sell her stocked goods,