JV Boys Soccer Defend Soccer OIA Title Against Kaiser


Jasmine Casana

On Jan. 26, the MHS JV boys soccer team played against Kaiser High School and defended the championship title they had won last season. Keeping an undefeated streak of nine games this season, the Trojans scored two winning goals in the first quarter, the first made by striker Sophomore Jordan Fernandez and second made by striker Freshman Noah Wilson. Ending the game 2-0, the team ended their season claiming their second consecutive OIA championship.

“We proved everyone wrong because during pre season we lost almost every single one of our games. We came back undefeated with the championship title,” said center back and center midfielder Freshman Makoa DeAlmeida.

After a long season of vigorous training and determination, it wasn’t until the end of the game that they allowed themselves to be satisfied with their efforts. “I knew our hard work paid off when our whole team jumped up and celebrated as we heard the final three whistles,” said center midfielder Freshman Garret Ohta.

Keeping Kaiser’s skills in mind, the Trojans worked towards using their own strengths to put themselves  ahead in the game. “Well we knew that Kaiser’s defense was strong and physical so we capitalized on sending the ball long to take advantage of our speed,” said Wilson.

The team used many different tactics when achieving their win. “The most successful strategy was playing the ball to our outside mids to the corner flag and have them drive the line and wip it in for the cross to finish,” said DeAlmeida.      

Although the team ended their season undefeated with the OIA championship title, it did not come without its challenges. “I’d say the main way we dealt with challenges was just communicating with each other. It is a team sport so communication makes the game that much easier,” said DeAlmeida.

Each member of the team played a crucial role in the team’s accomplished win. “Our defenders played a major role in keeping them away from their goal and Dylan Lawes kept us motivated to not give away a goal,” said Ohta. DeAlmeida added, “Rodney Rabang was an absolute beast on the pitch. Definitely our MVP; he’s our spirit animal.”  

Throughout the game the team worked to bring out the best of their abilities. “Well Kaulana (Navares)  made some pretty top-notch saves to keep our lead but overall this game was won by the effort of the whole team and I think everybody made a big contribution,” said Wilson. DeAlmeida added, “Our wings are one of our strengths on the team, just because of the mad pace they posses and just skin players down the line.”

Their acquired teamwork was what had them win the game.  “I’d say the main way we dealt with challenges was just communicating with each other, it is a team sport so communication makes the game that much easier,” said DeAlmeida

The MHS JV boys soccer team aims to continue improving their soccer abilities in order to maintain their championship title.