Entertainer Alumna Jelayne Shelton Gifts Lasting Memories to Audience

Entertainer Alumna Jelayne Shelton Gifts Lasting Memories to Audience

Jasmine Casana

     For over 10 years, Class of ‘06 Mililani High School alumna Jelayne Shelton has specialized in the entertainment business as an emcee and singer at weddings, first birthday parties, employee appreciation events, divorce parties and funerals. Despite the advice of others, Shelton pursued a career she was passionate about.

    “There are going to be people in your life that believe they know what’s best for your life, but take it with a grain of salt,” said Shelton. “Remember, if you find a career that truly makes you happy then stick with it. If you wake up every morning looking forward to the day because of what you do, then my friend, you should stick with it.”

    Shelton emceed her first event at 15 years old and has continued to emcee and entertain at events all around the island as her full time career.  “My family was in a band growing up so you could say that I was in this business since birth,” said Shelton. “I remember watching my mother emcee events when I was four years old. Her charisma and attention grabbing humor is what made me want to pursue it for myself.”

    Although Shelton has stabilized in the entertainment business, she has still faced uncertainty with her career; many of her friends had suggested to her that she become a lawyer or psychiatrist. “I mean I would love to say that I had a set plan but I really didn’t,” said Shelton. “The only thing that has been a constant is my entertainment career and I think it’s because I truly enjoy it and it makes me happy.”

    For each event, Shelton adjusts her routine based on the crowd and what she is assigned, working towards putting on a memorable event. “If it’s for emcee and singing, I usually emcee in between songs and then when the music set is through I go straight into emcee mode,” said Shelton. “If there is no singing requested, I focus on the events program and make it suit the environment as much as possible.”

    Shelton feels personal joy when she puts on her performances and sees the excitement on the faces of her audience members. “That is what makes me absolutely love what I do,” said Shelton. “I always feel honored when asked to emcee a wedding or a first birthday party because I know I will be a part of that special memory forever. That is the biggest pay off.”

    Through her experience, Shelton has learned that not all members of the audience will be pleased  with a performance and she has worked to accept and improve upon criticism. “No matter how much you try to fit their needs sometimes it just doesn’t work and you take whatever positive you can find from that situation and utilize for the next event,” said Shelton.

    Shelton has worked towards showing her true self to possible customers, both online and in person. “People are hiring me based off what they see in videos or hear by word of mouth and to be quite honest that is me 24/7,” said Shelton. “People always wonder if I am the same person when I am not doing a live video or review and the truth is I am. So, by being myself it has made it easier to avoid the challenges of having displeased customers.”

    With her stable career, Shelton continues to work on self improvement. “Try everything, don’t keep yourself in a bubble because that’s what you think is expected of you,” said Shelton. “It has been 11 years since I’ve graduated from high school and only now am I figuring out exactly what I want to do. Don’t put a timestamp on your life; enjoy every minute. Take the good with the bad and always find the bad in the good.”

    Shelton can be booked to emcee and/or sing at events by contacting her at [email protected]