FOMPL Celebrates 30th Anniversary


Photo by Anika Ramos

President Pamela Young recognized everyone who had helped FOMPL be successful in their 30 years at the celebration, this included the charter members, other volunteers and the other organizations that assist them at their book sales.

Caitlin Barbour , Editor-in-Chief

On Oct. 20, the Friends of Mililani Public Library (FOMPL) celebrated their 30th anniversary at the Mililani Public Library. First organized in October 1988, the organization has grown over the years, becoming an important contribution to both the library and community.

    “The people that work with the Friends, they care about what we do here. They are apart of it — they volunteer their time because they support what we do at the public library,” said Head Librarian Wendi Woodstrup.

    FOMPL is an affiliate of the larger nonprofit organization, Friends of the Library of Hawai’i. They work with other community organizations, including the Rotary and Lions Club, to raise additional funds for the various programs held at the library. “We fundraise through book sales. It’s four books sales for each quarterly — once in each quarter — then we have a book sale inside the library, so that’s how we fundraise,” said FOMPL President Pamela Young. Woodstrup added, “The volunteers, they evolve, they all take different responsibilities, they all assist. They work, like I said, at the book sales. They come at 7 a.m. and they’re here until 4:00 – 4:30 p.m; they volunteer the whole day.”

    At the event, Representative Lauren Matsumoto presented a certificate on behalf of the Hawaii State House of Representatives, and Council Member Ron Menor and Council Member Elect Heidi Tsuneyoshi presented a certificate on behalf of the Honolulu City Council. FOMPL was recognized for their work in supporting the library. “The proceeds go to things that are basically not supported by the state. So the monies that we make are very important to them ‘cause they can get extra things. Like we give funding for the special children’s programs, we’ve at one time had buses that took children from school to the library, there’s certain pieces of furniture that we’ve bought, like new chairs for the library, that kind of thing,” said FOMPL Vice President Marilyn Lee.

     Sharing a love for reading and the opportunities the library offers a community, FOMPL is comprised entirely of volunteers. Throughout the years, the organization has been able to garner sustaining members and faithful donors, ensuring its continuation. “I haven’t been involved as long as Marilyn (Lee), but I happened to see the book sales here so I was at the book sale and then I saw that there was a Friends of the Mililani Public Library so I signed up. Then I was informed that there was a board meeting so I decided to show up. That’s how it is for a lot of organizations you show up, they need a board member, and here you are,” said Young. Lee added, “I got involved, I was one of the charter members back in 1988. And you know Mililani was still in the beginning stages, we didn’t have a library, we didn’t have a post office, and there actually a lot of controversy about where to put the library. A lot of people wanted to put it where the post office is now. But the Mililani Town Association didn’t like that. So finally, it was decided to put it here. And I think only about a year after the library was built, we got together, there were some members of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) and we used to see each other a lot, there were monthly meetings and we said why not start the Friends of the Mililani Public Library and we did.”

    From their first book sale in 1989, to the most recent on August 2018, FOMPL continues to look for new volunteers in their continued pursuit of supporting the library. The next book sale is scheduled to be held on Nov. 3 in front of the library.