JV Softball Wins OIAs Two Years in a Row

Chloe Kitsu, Copy Editor

On Oct. 18, the MHS JV softball team won their final game against Kapolei High School, claiming their O’ahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) title. Last year, the team beat Castle High School, giving them the OIA title. This win gave the team the title for the second year in a row.

“It feels rewarding because throughout the season, winning the OIA Championship is what we have been working up to and finally accomplishing that goal feels like all the work paid off,” said shortstop Sophomore Riana Abeshima. Since this is my second year in JV softball, being a leader and setting an example is something I needed to do throughout the season. The other sophomores and I had to constantly put in our best effort in hopes that the freshman would follow. I became more of a ‘silent leader,’ leading by example rather than words.”

Along with the accomplishment of winning the OIA title, the team also grew as individuals. Not only did coach Glenelle Nitta see this improvement as a team, but within each girl both on and off the field. “The most rewarding part of any season for me is to watch each individual girl grow. Not just as a softball player, but as a people too. One of my main goals as a coach is to not only set them up for success on the field, but to build them up as strong, confident and selfless women,” said Nitta.

Throughout the season, the team came across many challenges when it came to leadership, encouragement and strength. However, through practices and games, they were able to learn from their challenges and move on. “There were many times during our practices where we would make mistakes and would not know how to support each other. It was a challenge for me to find a way to contribute to the team and find a way to resolve the situation. It was difficult to find ways to motivate my team and constantly be a supportive teammate on and off the field,” said Abeshima. I learned that everyone deals with different situations differently and that everyone isn’t the same. Many of my teammates would become frustrated at each other if we didn’t do as well as we should and would create a negative environment. I learned that frustration will not be as helpful as staying optimistic and supporting them because becoming angry is only adding fuel to the fire.”

Although the team had their share of challenges both on and off the field, their persistence and determination shined through. Even though there were obstacles that came in their way, through teamwork they were able to overcome them. “Some highlights for me as a coach would be the fight and grit in our team. There were many times were we were down in a game, but not once did I see the girls ever get scared or nervous. They kind of just saw the situation and made the best of it. Cheered each other on and never stopped believing in one another. As a coach, that’s all I could really ask for. To not back down from a fight and to always try your best and give it all you got,” said Nitta.

The team won against Kapolei High School with a score of 12-0 and are proud of how they represented Mililani in the championship.