JV and Varsity Cheer Wins Western Division Championship

Sasha Numazu-Fisher, Reporter

On Oct. 20, both the MHS junior varsity and Varsity cheer teams competed in the Western Division Cheer Competition held at Kalani High School. Due to the cheerleader’s undenying dedication and hard-work throughout this season, both JV and Varsity teams were able to place first at the competition. Last year, both teams did not win the title which shows how big of an accomplishment it was to win this year.

“I am extremely proud of our team this year and how hard we’ve worked for the routine to come together. Even though our score was highest it doesn’t mean we can’t strive to be better as there’s always room for improvement,” said Junior Tasha Moriguchi.

The wins at the Western Championship were not only the result of hard-work and dedication, but most importantly teamwork. “I like that we cheer for each other when we try something new, we’re always there for each other and we’re not mean to each other, we always push through and encourage one another,” stated Sophomore Faith King.

The competition is credited to being one of the most important of the season, since the finalists proceed to OIA’s while the rest are not eligible to compete. Therefore, the cheerleaders spent many long hours preparing their routines and practicing for it.  “Before we performed, I had to let go of all the butterflies, and leave my heart on the mat. After we performed, I felt extremely grateful that we got the opportunity to show our audience the hard work that we put into our routine,” expressed Sophomore Amy Mcmillan.

All of the work put into these routines was truly worth it since it led the teams to their victories. Although, even though both teams won it is still important that they continuously improve and work towards even higher triumphs. “This win showed me how all of the small details the coaches work on to make our routine better pays off in the end,” said Junior Emi Yoneda. “We can definitely improve on communication. We need to listen to each other to understand what could be going wrong with the routine. Nevertheless, we should continue the passion and persistence we all have for the sport, everyone of us has a purpose on the team and we always strive to achieve our goals.” added Mcmillan.

All in all, with the West Division Championship first place title being claimed by both JV and Varsity teams, the cheerleaders now readily prepare for the OIA championships, hungry for another win.