MHS Varsity Cheer Team Places First in OIAs and Second in States


Photo by Anika Ramos

Jenna Takano was on JV sideline and competition and varsity sideline and competition for two years each.

Chanelle Camero, Online Editor

On Nov. 3 the MHS varsity cheer team placed first and won the OIA championships with a score of 509.75. On Nov. 17 they placed second in states with a score of 511, with Moanalua High School winning by nine points.

“It feels amazing know that we worked so hard to get to the point where we are and you know, it’s kind of like a dream come true since we never won OIAs since 2011 I think. And being able to show all of our hard work, especially for the seniors, it feels amazing to just be able to know that we — this was our best and we were able to beat the best too,” said Senior Lexi Hara.

In preparation for OIAs, the team would have on average two and a half hour practices. They would run their practices similarly to how the OIA competition was ran.

“So we would do our warm ups like the way we would in — during the competition and we would just run it over and over. And between those times we do our routine, our coaches will give us corrections like what we can improve on,” said Hara.

During practices, the team encountered difficulties with multiple injuries. They had to change their routine a few times to accommodate injuries. “In order to overcome this we always encouraged each other to do our jobs and stay safe on the mat.  When injuries did happen we stuck together and did whatever we needed to do as a team and as individuals to benefit the team,” said Senior Jenna Takano. Junior Tasha Moriguchi added, “There were a lot of people that couldn’t go full out as they used to you know? But I mean we just pulled it together to compete as a team.”

The cheer team hasn’t won an OIA championship since 2011. This year they surpassed their goal of beating a score of 500. “So you know, we started hugging each other, some of us were crying, our coaches came- ran to us, and it was just amazing cause all the parents were cheering, everybody was cheering, cause it’s been you know, so long since we won OIAs. We always came super close but we never quite reached there and we finally reached our goal so yeah,” said Hara. Takano added, “(It feels) amazing. It’s been so long since Mililani has won OIAs and the fact that in my senior year we were finally able to capture the title means so much to me.”

In preparation for states, they put in much time and effort into improving their routine from the beginning when they first started practicing competition routine in August up to states. “Our team was very good at being able to make changes quick.  Due to all of the injuries and the increased level of intensity for each comp, we constantly made changes and did what we needed to do to benefit the team. We always believed the we could keep improving in anything and everything we did,” said Takano. Hara added, “ I thought we performed pretty well. We did what we could. It was a little bit more difficult since our girls were injured but you know we still went all out so I was pretty happy with what we did.”

As for the future, they hope that the team will stick together and overcome challenges as a team.