Dillon Gabriel Receives Gatorade Hawai’i Player of the Year Award

Henry Hawes, Reporter

On Dec. 6, Senior quarterback Dillon Gabriel was announced as the Hawai’i recipient of the Gatorade Player of the Year Award. The Gatorade Player of the Year Award is an award that recognizes students for their athletic ability, academic excellence, and character on and off the field. Class of 2016 alumnus McKenzie Milton also won the award and is now the quarterback for the University of Central Florida. The award came after Gabriel led his team to victory against Kahuku in the OIA Division 1 championship, winning the game 38-7 and passing for 374 yards to set a state record for 9,848 total passing yards and 105 touchdowns.

    “I feel like it’s cool and all but I don’t play football to win awards. I love the relationships I build and the rush of playing the game,” said Gabriel.

    Recipients for the award can also donate a $1,000 grant to a youth sports organization of their choice. Gabriel chose to give the grant to the community sports league where he got his start. “I have given it to the Mill Vill Trojan Football Program. They established my football career and I want to give back,” said Gabriel.

    Ever since he started with Mill Vill, football has played a part in who he is today. Gabriel’s efforts to better himself as a player and a person stemmed from his drive to be the best he could be. “It has established everything in my life. Mostly my mindset towards everything I do,” said Gabriel.

    Gabriel has excelled on and off the field and has maintained a 3.91 GPA. He has verbally committed to attending the United States Military Academy, where he will continue to play football. He also plans on returning to help the MHS team. “I will miss this place so much. I wish I could re-do it all. But it has impacted my life in the best way possible,” said Gabriel. “Don’t strive for individual things. The day you buy into becoming the best teammate possible is the day you become the best version of yourself.”