One Key at a Time: Keyboard King Miyahara


Photo by Charles Tothina

Alexander Ink, Managing Editor

Many people start a YouTube channel in hopes of one day making it big and creating a career out of internet stardom. Whether it’s singing covers or making commentary videos, users try to gain followers and generate some income. However, this was not the case with Junior Emmett Miyahara, who launched his YouTube channel on a whim and not in hopes of stardom. Today Miyahara operates a channel with about 8,300 subscribers and a total of 1,741,000 video views. His channel features content ranging from videos on gaming and computer hardware to skits.

    “I actually started making videos seriously I think around June of 2017,” said Miyahara. “It’s not really a career, I just do it for a hobby and (I’m) just making money off the site and not that much money.”

    Miyahara launched his channel in November 2014, initially focusing on “Minecraft” related content under the moniker, Enderbrine3000. This was later shortened to EB3K, which is what he uses today. His channel experienced limited growth in the first few years of its existence, but when he transitioned from making “Minecraft” videos to creating videos about “osu!” a popular Japanese video game, his channel took off. “Mid-2017, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna make a video. I’m gonna try and make a good video,’ and that video succeeded,” said Miyahara.

    After going three years without having a single video break 1,000 views, his video “[osu!] My 2+ Years of Playing and improvement” managed to gain more than 200,000 views. After watching other creators make videos about their improvements in “osu!” he had decided to give it a go. “I made it because I saw it was a project that I just wanted to do just for the heck of it,” said Miyahira. “I saw everyone do it, and then it seemed pretty cool to make, to actually take time to make a good video on something and share it and upload it, so I just did it and then it apparently did well.”

    In a few of his subsequent videos, he achieved similar success, one video even reaching more than 700,000 views. However, despite this popularity on YouTube, he never considered it as a possible primary career. “I’ve thought of making YouTube a side job, just for my own spending and no(t) necessities. I would rather have a part time job. Again, I’m doing it for a hobby, so just getting money, that’s nice, but I don’t think of that as I’m going to make this my future career,” said Miyahara, “I would like to keep it as a hobby, nothing serious.”

    Instead, Miyahara has found another passion to pursue — mechanical keyboards. Miyahara builds and collects all kinds of mechanical keyboards. He discovered his enthusiasm because of his interest in playing video games. “To be quite frank, I don’t

Emmet Miyahara | Photo by: Charles Tothina

know why I’m passionate about keyboards. It’s just (that) for some reason it kind of hit me,” said Miyahara. “Since I used to play a lot of video games I heard stuff about mechanical keyboards and how they’re apparently better for gaming and how they feel better and everything and I tried one and it was true. So I was like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting,’ and then I wanted to try a lot of varieties.”

    Miyahara learned how to craft keyboards by researching it online and on YouTube. Today he has little trouble building them. “It’s actually not really a difficult process,” said Miyahara, “I just buy the PCB (printed circuit board) with diodes pre-soldered, then the switches I want, the plate the switches mount on, the case and then keycaps. I solder the switches on myself.”

    Miyahara has already made several custom keyboards for himself and his friends. Using the ad revenue he generates from YouTube, he pays for his own keyboards and his friends give him money to make theirs. “The thing is, I really don’t know why, I just really like making keyboards,” said Miyahara. “So I actually spend more on parts to building it than (on the) money I receive because I just like making keyboards so much. If I’m gonna make something, then I want to make something high quality.”

    Miyahara is currently trying to transition the content on his channel from gaming to keyboards. Although his keyboard-related videos haven’t reached the same number of views as his “osu!” content, he wants to focus his channel on his passion and has slowly begun to switch his content. “What I did was integrate keyboards into ‘osu!’ and (show) how certain keyboards help you do better (and) help you perform better in ‘osu!’” said Miyahara. “And now I’m trying to completely switch to keyboards because I’d rather do that as a hobby than ‘osu!’ right now — if I even have time to make a video, that is.”

    Miyahara’s keyboard passion isn’t limited to his YouTube channel. In the future, he hopes to work in the keyboard industry. “It is a really specific thing I like. It is something really specific, unlike aerospace engineering or computer science or environmental science,” said Miyahara. “They’re kind of vague, but keyboards are really a focus and I kind of like that about it. And since I like making and collecting keyboards, if I can somehow integrate that into my future career then I think that would be great.”

    Miyahara plans to continue his YouTube posts along with his keyboard construction, as long as he has the time. His work can be found on the YouTube channel EB3K.