Top 5 Photo Spots in Mililani

Chanelle Camero, Online Editor

  1. “Startsruck” Scuplture at Town Center

The moon sculpture, “Starstruck” is a recent addition to Mililani Town Center as a symbol of new beginnings inspired by our ancient Hawaiian chiefs who came to Mililani to look up to the heavens. It creates a whole other aura to your photos by adding a magical effect when posed perched on the bronze and stainless steel sculpture.

  1. Mari’s Garden

Mari’s Gardens, located on Makapipipi St. is a great spot for pictures with greenery. The variety of color from the array of beautifully grown fruits and vegetables makes your pictures pop. Their different types of plants, ranging from succulents to flowers, give a vivid and attractive background for your photos.

  1. “Sunset Bridge”

The bridge over Kam Highway leading to Mililani Uka Elementary is the ideal spot to capture the sunset over Mililani. With a long road winding underneath the bridge, it makes it easy to take aesthetic pictures of the sunset.

  1. Eucalyptus Trees by McDonalds

The colorful rainbow eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) trees at the Gateway at Mililani Mauka adds color naturally and effortlessly with the subtle colors aligning the tree bark. It gives the illusion of being in an enchanted forest while in the suburbs.

  1. Tunnel by MHS

The rainbow tunnel that runs underneath Kam Highway is the perfect place to add a unique effect to your photos from the shadows casted on the rainbow rimmed walls. It adds a spontaneous burst of striking colors as a result of the graffiti along the sides and walkway.