Everything Mililani’s Music Review: “Old Fashioned” by Bruno Major


Daisy Ann Hipolito, Reporter

Bruno M. released yet another pleasing single on Spotify the evening of Feb. 19, 2019. No, not Bruno Mars; another Bruno M., one on the rise to becoming one of alternative’s most favored artists. Jazz/indie singer, songwriter, and composer Bruno Major, known most for his song “Easily” released in 2017, delivers yet another smooth and romantic song under the title “Old Fashioned.” The song incorporates Major’s signature jazz reminiscent melodies, easy lyrics, and charming vocals to create yet another song that could convince quite anyone they’re in love, something Major has seemingly mastered. Following the title, he serenades how he could be the cliche old fashioned partner he thinks every girl wishes for. Though the lyrics may be a little cheesy (but what old-fashioned song isn’t?), the song itself provides the perfect romantic backtrack to any relationship, whether you’re in one or not.

Though there are millions of romantic alternative songs out there in the world, Major consistently separates his music through one crucial factor; its composition. The mixture of unexpected but nonetheless pleasant guitar riffs with its familiar ballad piano accompaniment demands praise, especially with the bass heavy beat that ties the whole song together while simultaneously giving the song its own modern flair. Regardless, Major’s soothing voice is just the cherry on top; which is something I recognized most in the bridge of the song. On top of the upscale melody, Major recorded his own harmonies and layered them himself behind the more prominent refrain. Though you may not realize it, those angelic “oos” you hear in the background really make the song what it is, and its Majors attention to details like these that make his songs the pieces of work many fans fall in love with (or to) today.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s perfect and I’m definitely not saying it’s the love song of the century. But if Bruno Major ever serenaded me like a fool, I definitely wouldn’t complain; and I’m sure if you heard his music, you wouldn’t either.