Everything Mililani’s Indecisive Girl: Prom


Sasha Numazu-Fisher, Reporter

     Do you feel that in the air? Do you hear the rustling excitement of bow ties and corsages pulling for your attention? Do you notice the raining limos and tornadoes of promposals outside your window? Well if you do, then it must be true, it is officially prom season. Prom, as they say is a moment of passage in our highschool lives, it’s the day that will forever be remembered by its’ cheesy music, cheap decor and cliche photos. Yet either way, we all still go and have the time of our teenage lives. In order for prom to be the night that it is we all must go through the daunting “getting ready” stages, it’s the stage when a boy takes about 40 minutes to find a tux to rent and girls take centuries deciding on their hair, make-up, nails, shoes, jewelry and dresses. This stage can be any indecisive girls’ nightmare yet fear no longer, for the worst part of prom is now over.

I myself, am a struggling indecisive girl who has yet to choose anything for the prom at all, so I know your struggles better than anyone and if I can see the light at the end of the cheesily decorated tunnel then so can you. Speaking from experience it is clear that a girl’s prom revolves around one thing…the dress. Without this show stopping dress we can barely seem to wrap our heads around the idea of prom. Atleast, that’s been the case for me. I’ve spent the last 3 weekends prom dress hunting and there was absolutely nothing. The dresses seemed so unoriginal, overpriced and the ones that may have stood a chance never seemed to come in the right colors. That’s when I realized that in store shopping was just not the way to go anymore. Instead, I turned to online shopping, and the varieties were endless. At first, I hesitated with looking online because so much could go wrong, there could be scams, it could be cheaply made, and may even look completely different in person. Now don’t get me wrong I still have all of these worries and am just as indecisive with picking a dress online as I would be in stores. Although, at least this way there are more options to choose from and I’m not wasting my time trying on dresses for hours with snooty workers popping their heads in every 5 seconds.

As far as the rest of the “getting ready” stages, I’d say it’s really up to you. I myself, follow different fashion trends based off of my favorite influencers or celebrities. So when it comes to looking for inspiration with hair, makeup or nails  it’s best to look towards your favorite fashion icons too. With so many events such as the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars and e.t.c it’s fairly easy to simply look at the newest styles that are currently in at the moment and decide which elements could be best used for yourself. In fact, majority of my inspiration for prom ideas stem from youtube tutorials or social media, both of which are heavily helpful when deciding what best works for you. Although, based off of my accumulated knowledge on prom styles I’ve found that the majority of girls prefer updos which are known to bring more attention to a person’s face and give off an elegant appeal. That they also tend to gravitate on choosing between coffin style or round shaped nails and choose makeup styles that compliment their dress colors.  Yet, in the end all styles are extremely complimenting and would pair well with anyone, therefore, it’s purely based off of preferences and skill levels what people decide on doing.

But that’s my answer when it comes to the frightening “getting ready” stages, to just simply go online. As I assume you must be doing right now, which is good that means you’re on the right track, because just by surrounding yourself with various trends, dresses and styles you are bound to stumble across the perfect look made just for you. At Least that’s what I’m betting on, but from one indecisive girl to another I believe in you and we shall take on the “getting ready” stages together.