Letter From Our Editor, Caitlin Barbour

Caitlin Barbour, Editor-in-Chief

       After surviving all four years I can say one thing with certainty: high school is a weird time in life. I’ve survived the battlefield that is walking to class in the hallway; I’ve fully contributed my part to the sleep deprivation study that is exam week; I’ve lived the stereotype at school events like prom and homecoming. I feel as if I’ve “lived it all.” It has been drilled into me from books and movies and all those elementary days of watching Disney Channel that this is supposed to be a time to remember; some may dare to say, the best time of my life.

    But let’s be honest, I hope it isn’t.

    I grew up in Mililani — I went to Mililani Uka, Mililani Middle, and finally (obviously) Mililani High. I have seen the same people be actual children with me, go through that middle school awkward phase, and then become a semblance of an adult (although that is debatable especially on my part). Some people moved away, others moved here, some people became friends, others became strangers. And now it’s all coming to an end.

    I’ve been taught that it’s not about the awards you win or the titles that you hold, what matters is your legacy — what you are leaving behind. No matter what you did or did not win, or what club you were or were not a part of, or even what essay you did or did not write, all of these things will just become a forgotten memory, a brief mention in your resume, a scrap of paper. What you will remember, what I hope you choose to remember, are those small moments you shared with your friends, whether they were fellow seniors or underclassmen. I am so happy I met who I did and experienced what I did. Despite the stressful moments (and there were quite a few) I can sincerely say I enjoyed these four years. Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, I have full confidence that everyone will go on to great things.

    So, at the very least, let’s use this as a time to look back on so we can all proudly say we didn’t peak in high school.