Class Showcase

Chanelle Camero, Online Editor


Fine Arts teacher Ruth Ravina-Koethe’s Drawing and Painting 2, 3 and 4 classes worked on their end of the year, quarter four final. For their final, the students had to do an individual painting project using any media, whether that be painting or drawing. Their final product had to showcase a cumulation of what they learned throughout the year. Over the school year, Koethe’s students were quizzed on the different types of drawing and painting techniques that were taught to them. Each of the classes were in different stages of their projects, some in the process of their sketches, others working on their final projects.



To get a better idea of how entrepreneurship and marketing works, CTE Business teacher Janise Kim’s marketing class participated in Entrepreneurship Fair which took place from April 29 to 30 during lunch A and B. The fair allowed the students to create their own company and understand the process of starting up a company and then developing, marketing and selling their product. Some products that were sold were plants, bath and body products, jewelry and tie dye shirts. With a total of 13 companies, about half of them were able to break-even meaning they were able to recover the expensenses that they spent on their products.



Nurse Practitioner Kailene Oliveros came in to guest speak for Health teacher Shirlen Tanaka’s health class. Oliveros works for the Hawai’i Keiki Program which is a program that’s a partnership between UH Manoa Nursing and the Department of Education. With a passion and hope to find talent and spark an interest in nursing, Oliveros came in to talk about and educate the students about what they do as nurse practitioners. “Nursing is a growing field, it’s really evolving and now is a great time to get into nursing and to really help take care of our fellow people,” said Oliveros.



Youth Envisioning Sustainable (YES) Futures is an environmental project that AP Environmental Science teacher Sandra Ward’s students worked on over the course of this school year. Students had to identify an environmental problem on Oahu and create an action plan to solve that issue. The purpose of this project is to make a difference in the community and environment and to help raise more awareness about their identified problem. Some projects involved the removal of invasive species and educating elementary students on the Waikakalaua stream. They presented their projects to professionals and community leaders. Some students in the past have written to the Hawai’i Legislature to pass a bill to protect their chosen site.