Letter From The Editor: Issue 2

Chloe Kitsu, Editor In Chief

     Homecoming— a time of celebration and unity to honor those who have come before us within our school. Here at MHS, homecoming is one of the major highlights of the year. From voting for the homecoming court to practicing for lip sync, a lot goes into planning this huge event. 

     Hours of hard work go into designing and painting a banner that represents each class. Students running for homecoming court put up posters around the school, campaigning for their chance to be on the court. The homecoming parade not only features MHS, but also includes the elementary schools and different clubs within Mililani. And let’s not forget about the football game that tops off the end of the homecoming festivities.  Although homecoming can often get muddled into the idea that it’s just one week work of work, time and effort put into planning this event starts months in advance.

     As a freshman, I never really appreciated or understood homecoming at all. But as I progressed throughout the years and experienced three homecomings, I realized it’s nice to see our school come together as one. One of my favorite memories of homecoming is the assembly. That’s when we  get to see all of the hard work the classes have been putting in for the past few months. 

     But through all of this hustle and bustle in preparation for homecoming, many people don’t even know the true meaning behind it. One aspect of homecoming is to celebrate the senior football athletes at the homecoming game. Another aspect is that homecoming is an annual tradition where people, towns, high schools and colleges gather to welcome back alumni and former residents. With this definition in mind and it being my senior year, I have a whole new outlook on homecoming. Before, I used to think it was just about our class winning the school-wide competition and being able to dress up for as many dress-up days as I could. But in reality, it’s a time of reflection and honoring of those who have graduated from MHS. Often times, we get caught up in the chaos of homecoming, but without those who came before us here at MHS, we wouldn’t have one at all.

     This issue is centered around this year’s homecoming. Not only will you get to see a glimpse of what went into planning homecoming, but you’ll also get to meet this year’s homecoming court. Along with this, we have some amazing student, teacher, sports and culture feature stories as well. From fall fashion trends to learning about Minecraft’s comeback, there’s a story for everyone to enjoy. 

     All in all, I felt that homecoming was a perfect fit for this issue as it has the powerful ability to bring a community together. I hope that this issue gives you, the reader, a glimpse of what goes into putting this event together and some insight into those within Mililani ‘s community.