Fall Trends 2019

Emily Zimmerman, Reporter

Scrunchies: Scrunchies may have originated in the 1980s but they are currently more popular than ever. The trend of the “VSCO girl” is partially responsible for this. They are a nice addition to any outfit. While guys can wear scrunchies as an accessory, it now it signifies being in a relationship. It is the equivalent to girls wearing their boyfriends’ hoodies.

Fanny Packs: They’re convenient, they’re practical and now they’re fashionable. 

Thrasher Shirts: The company Thrasher Magazine has a very iconic logo. Skaters and non-skaters alike seem to love wearing the logo.

Bucket Hats: If you were to look back at old childhood photos, you might see yourself wearing a bucket hat. Now, it is considered a very fashionable statement.

Tank Top: Simple tank tops with minimal to no designs are perfect for Hawai’i’s high temperatures. The style of these tanks are very 90s esque and add a vintage vibe to your outfit.

Belt Chains: Made popular by the TikTok “e-girl,” belt chains give a very unique look. While providing no real purpose other than being an accessory, chains set an edgy tone for the rest of your ensemble.

Cuffed Ripped Jeans: Although ripped jeans have been popular for a while now, the cuffing of them has been trendy as of lately. The high-waisted “mom jean” style is also back, making it feel like the 90’s all over again.

Checkered Vans: These slip-on shoes add a simple statement to every outfit.