The Gift of Giving

Mina Pecoraro, Reporter

     Candy/Food – Whether you choose to go the more savory route or appeal to your loved one’s sweet tooth, a delicious, edible gift is sure to be appreciated. Many sweets shops sell holiday-themed candies and chocolate and often feature cute winter-themed packaging and decorations. This adds an extra layer of class and will make the gift appear more elegant. Starbucks changes their coffee packaging for the holidays as well, featuring coffee blends called “Holiday Blend” and “Christmas Blend.” These coffees are crafted to pair well with traditional holiday foods. For example, the Holiday Blend has herbal and maple notes which are said to pair nicely with fruit danishes. A food gift is an easy way to instantly lift someone’s mood and provide them with delicious snacks for the holiday season.

     Small Gifts – Just because a gift is small doesn’t mean it has to be generic. Make a gift basket the highlight of your loved one’s holidays with some fun and thoughtful presents. Quirky gifts like trinkets and brain teasers are unique and lots of fun. Self-care gifts are a great way to encourage your loved ones to take some time for themselves and relax. Eco-friendly products are not only trendy, but are a great way to support the sustainability movement and encourage your loved one to do their part in reducing their plastic usage. Things like metal straws and reusable shopping bags are practical for everyday usage. On the topic of practical usage, gifts like jewelry and mugs are a nice way to boost holiday spirit and can be used year-round.

     Gift Cards – Gift cards are the perfect small addition to a holiday basket. They are convenient, easy to package and allow your loved ones to pick out the gift they truly want. Although gift cards are extremely easy to get and don’t require much thought, they’re almost guaranteed to be appreciated. A simple, cute way to customize a gift card is to write a message or doodle something on the gift card holder, such as a greeting or an inside joke.