The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Emma Lee, Distribution Manager

     Students sigh as they calculate first semester grades before cursing the heat and turning on the AC. Although the holidays in Hawai’i are without snow, scarves or sleds, MHS students have found their own ways of enjoying the yuletide season.


Q: What do you like most about the holidays?

“I like how it’s very, I don’t know, happy during this time because a lot of people are going through stress, but when you start seeing all the Christmas lights and stuff, it makes me happy.” 

 -Leilani Hernandez (Grade 11)


Q: Do you prefer the night of Christmas Eve or the dawn of Christmas morning?

“I prefer the night (of Christmas Eve) because there’s this sense of musical whimsy that I don’t feel in the morning. To add on, I’m also not a morning person.”

-Jada Hoopii (Grade 9)


Q: What’s one thing that gets you in the holiday mood?

“Right now, I listen to Christmas music 24/7 ‘cause I’m so excited. In period three, me and my friend Myriam, we’re just jamming to Christmas music.”

-Oilau Lee-Hang (Grade 11)


Q: How do you decide who you’re getting gifts for?

“Due to my lack of income, I don’t really have a large budget, so I only really get gifts for just my family.”

-Shadrack Nabea (Grade 12)


Q: What gift do you give when you have no idea what the other person wants?

“Some treats like food, because who doesn’t like food?“

-Ty Araki


Q: How do you celebrate the holidays?

“I spend a lot of time with my family listening to Christmas music to get into the holiday spirit.”

-Caden Chang (Grade 10)