MHS Girls Varsity Soccer Team Kicks Off Senior Night With Win Against Radford High School


Genevieve Mumma

If the girls win their next two games in the OIA playoffs, they will advance and have the opportunity to play in the championship game on Saturday, Jan. 25.

Sasha Numazu-Fisher, Opinions and Blogs Editor

     On Jan. 10, the MHS girls varsity soccer team played their senior night game against Radford High School with an overall win of 11-0. With  this being their last home game of the season, the girls were honored by both their family and friends for their high school soccer careers. The seniors performed a short dance with one another to start off the celebration, and were then introduced individually to take their final penalty kick against a person of their choice. 

     “Senior night was kind of emotional because a lot of the girls on the team are underclassmen and I have been playing with them for a long time now, like two years and I’m going to miss them,” said captain and goalkeeper Senior Sydni Nakamura. 

     Due to the bonding and friendships that were cultivated throughout the season, the girls were able to successfully work with one another. They spent many hours conditioning and learning how to play as an entire unit. “This season has been a roller coaster because it has been challenging but also a lot of fun. We have learned a lot about ourselves as a team and individuals. We’re excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us,” said co-captain and midfielder Senior Mehana Ortiz. 

     Senior night has always been an event that has commemorated players who have given time and energy into their sport. After a season of dedication, the girls were able to use the event as a moment to reflect on their growth and success. “I think our second game of the season against Aiea was a really good start to our season because we beat them 6-0, and they were reigning OIA (Oahu Interscholastic Association) champs,” said Nakamura. 

     Ortiz and Nakamura had both started playing the sport as young children.. This made their last home game a memorable moment in ending their high school soccer journeys. Aside from the personal merit gained in experiencing senior night, the varsity girls had also credited much of their success to the support of their families. “The most memorable part was all of my family coming to support me because my family is a basketball and football family and soccer is boring to them,” said Ortiz. 

     Both captains have committed to playing collegiate soccer at the Oregon Institute of Technology. They have each been with the MHS varsity soccer team for over two years, and have always had soccer as a constant in their lives. “Soccer just started off as a sport for me to do as I was younger, I grew to love the sport and all of my friends,” said Nakamura. 

      As for the rest of the season, the varsity girls have been preparing for the Oahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) playoffs and state championships. If the girls win the OIA championships, this season would be the 20th consecutive year that MHS would hold the girls varsity champion title. In preparation for this, the girls have focused on building upon their communication and individual skill sets.“We do a lot of conditioning and a lot of team bonding, because our team has good chemistry. So we just use practices to focus in on the areas that we want to get better at,” said Nakamura.

     The girls varsity soccer team’s next game will be the OIA Championships on Tuesday, Jan. 17 at MHS.