Airbnb: Travelers Find Their Way to Mililani Airbnb

Airbnb: Travelers Find Their Way to Mililani Airbnb

James Ferree

Akira Pescador, Reporter

     Hotels can cost anywhere from $82 to $715 a night on Oahu. However, as an alternative, travelers could stay in an Airbnb hosted by local residents for as low as $30 a night.  MHS Junior James Ferree and his father Anthony Ferree run one of the higher-rated Airbnbs of those listed in Mililani. Together, they’ve been providing a place to stay since May 2016.

     “I was inspired to do an Airbnb out of my home by my mom, who was always willing to open her home and heart to friends of the family in need,” said Anthony Ferree, a 62 year old military veteran who’s now working for the USDA as a consumer safety health inspector.

     “When financial times were difficult, I found myself doing the same thing. I could pay some bills doing this, and I was a natural,” said Anthony Ferree.

Tourists can stay at the Perree’s Airbnb for $67 per night, compared to the cheapest hotel being $82 a night as of January, 16 2020. The Perree’s Airbnb has a near five-star rating at 4.63, whereas the aforementioned hotel is rated at 3.6. 

     “I am not a fan of Waikiki or the big hotels in downtown Honolulu. It’s the crowds, parking and everything that’s just so expensive. I’ve made so many good friends from all over the world, saving them that money, think of me as a diplomat of the aloha spirit,” said Anthony Ferree.

     The responsibilities of an Airbnb host include: deep cleaning the room, scheduling arrivals, transporting tourists to and from the airport, accommodating guests with amenities, transferring funds, interacting with guests, explaining house rules and providing general hospitality.

       “It’s not that difficult, but I think the hardest part would be managing bookings because I have to interact with guests every now and then. Sometimes on overlapping days, I have exactly an hour to get the room ready for the next people,” said James Ferree. These tasks often conflict with James’ schoolwork, disturbing his sleep schedule and limiting his time to do homework.

     To host an Airbnb, one must register an account on their website and then list the living space. Without a permit, it’s illegal for a host to rent out their entire house. However, new hosts can legally rent as many as two bedrooms without a permit as long as the host also lives in the house. Only 1,700 permits are allowed to be issued on Oahu, which is based on the number of dwellings on the island. 

     “It makes me happy to open my home to travelers and show them places on the island that better represents  Hawai‘i than Waikiki ever could. Especially since all I have to do is ensure my guests aren’t committing crimes, don’t disturb my neighbors and file the income with my taxes,” said Anthony Ferree.

     For more information, visit or go to the official Airbnb website.