Netflix/Hulu Review: Haikyuu!!


Kasandra Morse, Reporter

     With a fourth season releasing earlier this year, the sports anime Haikyuu focuses on the Karasuno High Volleyball club. Shoyo Hinata, one of the main characters, gains a passion for volleyball and joins the volleyball club in hopes to be like one of his role models, whom he shares his short height with. He ends up on the team with Tobio Kageyama, who is one of his rivals and the first volleyball opponent he ever played.  Together, they join the rest of the team along with two new first years, Tsukishima Kei and Yamaguchi Tadashi. Although each character has their own goals to achieve, they strive to reach one common goal; to be the best volleyball players they can be.  

     Even if the viewer doesn’t like sports anime, this show is a good pick for those who like any genre. This show has a little bit of everything, from some sort of action during their games to drama between the team members. You would not be disappointed from the start; the artwork, the character developments and the storyline were definitely very well thought out.  

     The visuals are very clean and pleasing to watch and as the anime gained more seasons, the art definitely improved from season one to season four. From the characters themselves to the backdrops, you could tell that the artist paid close attention to the small details.  

     The characters all are unique in their own ways, which was very easy to tell from the beginning. Although some characters’ attitudes don’t start off well in the beginning, you see how the other members of their team (as well as their opponents) develop them into better people.  Tsukishima and Kageyama are two prominent characters that have huge changes throughout the series that isn’t hard to miss. Even though the characters can be frustrating at times, you see their growth from their experiences. However, each and every character grows from their experiences somehow and you get to really learn and know the team throughout the series.   

     Plotwise, it’s very hard to get bored of the series. The storyline makes sure that you are kept on your feet, waiting for the next episode. The volleyball games they play are very intense to watch and very entertaining to watch, even though you’ve never seen a volleyball game in your life. Although slow at times, the action and the comedy easily make up for it.  

     In all, I would rate this show a 5/5 because of how easy it is to get hooked on it. A lot of shows are hard to get hooked on, but this show easily pulls you in with all of the factors of the show working together to create this masterpiece. The first two seasons are available on Netflix and Hulu, in both english subtitles and dub.