Tai Phaniphon: Farewell


Tai Phaniphon, Head Illustrator

     My heart swells and pounds with each step, intune with my shaky legs I walk onto the vast campus. Before I get far, my small prepubescent body slams into this six foot man followed by a stampede of high schoolers. In shock of how big the students were, my younger self thought high school was a whole other world. 

     Looking back on my first day of school, it’s crazy to think of my mindset at the time. The tremendous amount of growth I achieved in a matter of a few years both mentally and physically has shaped me into the young adult I am today. However, this experience was not short of challenges, full of tears shed because I couldn’t understand spanish, all nighters from procrastination, and the identity crisis I went through every year. 

     Sadly for the class of 2020 our senior year was cut short. Personally I’ve never been one to complain to much of the circumstances I am put in because I can do something about it. I have control over my reactions to situations and always focus on moving forward. But the current circumstances are uncontrollable and the best I can do is nothing, that in itself is hard to accept. This past quarter of isolation I have experienced loss. Loss of experiences and possible memories, my senior track season, prom, graduation, and simple interactions with people has been ripped from me. In the beginning I had my grievances, my hate but in the end acceptance. 

     Similar to the beginning of my freshman year, it was a period of transitioning. To me this time alone is a time of extended transition, for me to be future oriented and prep for college life. At first I did not want to write a senior goodbye letter because I had already moved on, becoming desensitized to this high school loss. As mentioned before, I let go and move forward. However, with this letter I would like to give thanks to what high school has given me. I learned my weaknesses and strengths, my likes and dislikes, most importantly independence. Although the class of 2020 has been struck the hardest, what we all share in common is this experience and will grow from it. I give thanks to my teachers, my track team, and fellow students for a great highschool experience. 



Tai Phaniphon