President-elect: Joe Biden


President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden. Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Macallister Graves, Reporter

     The presidential election is like a tug of war game that sways back and forth.  The race between candidates former Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump resulted in the new president-elect, Joe Biden, with 290 electoral votes to Trump’s 214.

     “I think that this election is one of the most important ones yet, whoever wins will have a drastic effect on America in either a good or bad way,” Mililani High School Freshman Reyn Terao said.  

     The importance of 2020’s election pulled many new voters, overtaking 2016’s numbers, around 138 million to at least 161 million votes.  With major issues such as Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Supreme Court confirmation, this election influenced the direction the U.S. government will take.

     “Some of them might be happy, and others will be very mad about it, and there could be a lot of news about people not wanting that president,” Sophomore Kaiya Endo said.

     Due to the close election results, it is in question on when a final answer will be announced. The court and Congress still have yet to confirm, but the media has declared Biden as president-elect.  Recounting in certain states may delay the final results. Questions about election integrity were brought up by both Republicans and Democrats, and are being challenged by Trump, which may also result in a slower transition of power this year.

     “Yeah, cause I think that they’re just focusing on the main two parties right now, cause it’s just these main two parties that have this difference on beliefs,” Sophomore Kassaundra Sewa-Santiago said.

     The final and closest states included Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  Aside from the main two parties, Jo Jorgenson from the Libertarian party had 1.1% of the popular vote, and Howie Hawkins from the Green party had 0.2%.  

     “Either way the election goes, all we can do is trust the results and the information that we are given, there is really no other way to prove that it is true, so we just have to trust the information that is given to us,” said Terao.

     According to the Yahoo election map, Biden is up 76 electoral college votes, but won the popular vote by 3.18%.  He sits at just over half, with a popular vote total of 50.75%.  The closeness of this election may lead to debates and arguments in the country. Both parties have hinted at a possibility of fraud. The country seems split nearly half and half, and there are not many voters in the middle.

     News sites like Fox News, CNN, and the New York Times will report on the election, as well as other media sources.