Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica’s Live Cooking Classes


Photo Courtesy: Kehaulani White

Ellie Kim

     In January 2021, Mililani High School’s Spanish National Honor Society, or Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH), started live cooking classes. SHH wanted to continue this tradition that they had when school was in-person.

     “This is something we usually do in a face-to-face setting, and they wanted to give it a shot virtually. It was a fun way to talk while making the cookies and for members to get to know each other with the lack of in-person meetings,” said Spanish teacher and SHH advisor Kehaulani White, known as Señora Blanco.

     SHH members were all invited to their club’s Google Classroom in order to access the club meeting link on Google Meets. They were also provided with the recipe and the ingredients ahead of time so that they could prepare them before the meeting.

     On the day of the cooking class, the SHH members were taught by their officers step by step on how to make Mexican Cinnamon Cookies, known as Polvorones de canele. These cookies are used as wedding cookies in the Spanish-speaking countries.

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