MHS Students Receive Scholastic Art Awards


Katelyn McAniff’s “Bloodlines.”

Ellie Kim

     Artwork and photos of Gold Key winners from the 58th Annual Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Awards will be displayed at the Hawaii State Art Museum  from March 12 to April 16. The Regional Scholastic Art Awards is an annual award contest in which middle school and high school students can submit their artwork to try and earn the Gold Key, Silver Key, or Honorable Mention. Mililani High School students won various awards from Honorable Mention to the Gold Key, in which winners automatically go to the national judging. Senior Alwyn Agustin won the Gold Key with his drawing, “Wear Your Mask,” and a Silver Key with his painting, “Help!” Senior Katelyn McAniff also received the Silver Key with her drawing, “Bloodlines.” In the photography category, Senior Aaron Iha, Senior Tiare Tonaki, and Junior Storey Welch received the Gold Key for their photos. Junior Tanner Aoki, Senior Makoa DeAlmeida, Junior Sharlynn Lactaoen, Junior Michael Rayray, Senior Tiare Tonaki, and Junior Storey Welch received the Silver Key in photography. 

     “I was pretty surprised when I found out I got a Silver Key for this piece because honestly, I didn’t like it that much and I actually preferred another piece I had submitted. It was just an okay piece in my opinion, but I’m still really happy that I was able to win an award though,” said Senior Katelyn McAniff.

     Senior Alwyn Agustin, Senior Katelyn McAniff, Senior Angelyssa (Angel) Mariano, Junior Emi Okazaki, Junior  Emmeline Ink, Junior Erin Hikijii, and Senior Jazmin (Jaz) Paeste won Honorable Mention for their artwork. Junior Arion Ugalino, Junior Cansas Pacheco, Junior Elijah Chang-Kamealoha, Senior Garrison Iha, Junior Jonah Mahelona, Sophomore Kaitlyn Ped, Senior Kawika Kanuck, Junior Keilah Diama, Junior Michael Rayray, Senior Noah Ernst, Sophomore Reef Paiva, Junior Sharlynn Lactaoen, Sophomore Shileyah Moore, Junior Storey Welch, and Senior Tiare Tonaki also received Honorable Mention for their photography. The artwork and photos of Honorable Mentions will not be displayed at the Hawaii State Art Museum.

     The winners of the Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mentions in Mililani High School all take the Drawing and Painting and Photography class. The deadline to submit the artwork was December 15, 2020 for the Hawaii Region.

     One artwork that was scheduled to be exhibited in the Hawaii State Art Museum was McAniff’s “Bloodlines,” a piece created with chalk pastels. McAniff got her inspiration for  “Bloodlines” from a photograph taken by photographer Zhang JiaCheng, who took four photographs with a red theme. One photo had two people with red skin accents, which is where McAniff got her inspiration. This art piece features two sisters side by side, connected. The red on their eyes can represent their blood, or bloodline, something I came up with after I finished the piece,” said McAniff.

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