MHS Says Farewell to Athletics Director Glenn Nitta


Photo Courtesy: Danielle Castro

Ellie Kim

     On March 31, 2021, Mililani High School (MHS) said farewell to its Athletics Director, Glenn Nitta. He has been teaching and coaching at MHS since 1973, when the school first opened, and has been the Athletics Director since 2001. It has been 48 years since he began teaching, and Nitta has seen the school grow from only 200 students to about 2600 students.

     “I’ve seen it (MHS) born in 1973. I’ve watched it develop, you know, to the years and then now, I feel like I can let it go because we’re, the school is in a, you know, like an adult-child already,” said Nitta.

     At MHS, Nitta taught Physical Education (P.E.), Health Guidance, and Beginning Math. He was also the first baseball coach of MHS’s Junior Varsity and Varsity baseball teams and has coached them for 28 years. Afterwards, he became the Athletics Director after MHS’s first athletic director, John Kauinana. 

     “That was my main goal as being the Athletics Director. Just to honor Coach Kauinana, you know, because he was our first football coach, you know, first Athletics Director. He started everything. I just wanted to carry on his legacy and make sure, you know, that things were on their way. You know, the way he would’ve expected it to be run,” said Nitta.

     One thing that Nitta mentioned he would miss about MHS was the sport activities. He has been present in many games for the MHS teams and has seen them win numerous championships over the years.I’m going to miss all the sport activities, the interaction with all the coaches and student athletes, going to all the games, watching our teams play. You know, it’s exciting because all our teams, we all, you know, vying for championships, you know, for every sport, so it’s exciting just to watch,” said Nitta.

     During Nitta’s time at MHS, the Mililani community transformed in many ways. This includes the change of MHS’s surroundings, which looked different from today. “I think the community just grew. You know, from pineapple fields across the street, no Town Center. There was no, there was no H2 coming out from where I was, I lived in when I come into Mililani. It was just, just the whole place has changed. It’s grown so much,” said Nitta.

     Nitta’s favorite memory during his 48 years at MHS was the opening of the school. In 1973, the staff chose the mascot, colors, and even wrote the alma mater. In 1974, MHS’s athletic department started, and MHS now has numerous sport teams for fall, winter, and the spring seasons. 

     “It’s exciting, just like watching Mililani grow, you know, from being the baby in 1973 to watch it grow to the adolescent years, you know, and now they’re adults already,” said Nitta.

     Nitta is the last faculty member of the original staff in 1973 of MHS. Throughout the 48 years, he saw MHS and Mililani grow into a large community. With his retirement, Nitta hopes to help his wife and spend time with his grandchildren.