Yang Experiences Stanford Chemistry


Alicia Getty

     Over the course of eight weeks, Senior Kyle Yang attended the Stanford High School Summer College program with a focus in chemistry. Between attending classes and interacting with other students, the program provided an experience different than high school.

      “In some ways it’s exactly college, but for high school students. And it’s faster because the quarter usually covers ten weeks. In my case I took Intensive Chemistry 31 A&B, so it would be 20 weeks worth of chemistry, two quarters, covered in eight weeks,” said Yang.

     Getting the chance to experience a college setting without attending college full time brings about many unexpected insights. “We had our labs in the afternoons, if you finished, oftentimes you could just walk out. If you were done just walk out. There’s a lot more freedom in those classes as opposed to here,” said Yang.

     Akshat Singh, from Rochester, Minnesota, also attended the program and had the chance to get to know Kyle through having neighboring rooms. “I did not expect to be treated much like an independent college student, but we were. It was exciting to have the freedom and to take responsibility for myself instead of being bound by a schedule, class periods, same routine everyday kind of environment I live in during the school year,” said Singh.

     Yang hopes to use this experience to better himself, and plans to pursue more opportunities in the medical field such as internships at medical facilities and possibly joining HOSA.