Club Fair

Sakura Emmer

     On Aug. 30, Mililani High School’s annual Club Fair was held in the cafeteria. Advertising the variety of clubs open for students to join, each club had their own booth to promote and pass out fliers. The participating clubs included Surf Club, Video Game Club, First Robotics, Art Club, Red Cross and many more. “We’re really open to a bunch of different personalities and strengths and weaknesses. We will take anyone who is willing to work hard and put in the dedication and time into what we do,” said First Robotics Secretary Senior Kaikoa Viveiros. Returning members working the booths shared their experiences, emphasizing the fact that people with similar interests are able to meet and grow through their club. Fellowship Club Outreach Officer Senior Minami Murata said, “My best memory is definitely from the camps, because we have two camps a year, and the games get extremely crazy and fun and messy. The bonds that we make with people is so amazing, there’s nothing like it.” Students are welcomed to join any club that interests them, and will be accepted with open arms.